mans dimple creation in indore

Men Dimple/Chin Dimple
Surgery in Indore

What is Men Dimple or Chin Dimple

Chin dimple surgery, also known as genioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that creates a dimple in the chin. This procedure is usually done to enhance the appearance of the chin and to balance the facial features.

Genioplasty or chin augmentation is an accepted cosmetic surgical procedure that is used to implant the chin in order to modify the present facial structure of a patient to enhance the facial appeal. Chin augmentation using the surgical implants can alter the underlying structure of face by giving the best results to the facial features.

The Menoplasty and Genioplasty are used to refer to the reduction and addition of material to a patient’s chin. This can take the form of chin height reduction or chin rounding by osteotomy, or chin augmentation using the implants.

Chin augmentation is performed by the manipulation of the jaw bones (mandible) and augmentation utilizing this technique provides more dramatic correction than with the use of prosthetic implants. The chin augmentation or Genioplasty is performed by the plastic & cosmetic Surgeon in order to achieve the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure.

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