How Liposuction is done?

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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction surgery is also known as lipo and fat removal surgery.This surgical treatment aids in body contouring and the elimination of extra fat. Better body shapes were another benefit of liposuction, which one can keep up by maintaining a good diet and exercise routine.

How is Liposuction Done?

Typically, liposuction is performed in three steps. These steps have been organised into a list, which is listed below.

Step 1: Administering Anesthesia

Surgical procedures like liposuction can be uncomfortable. For this reason, patients are given the right drugs and anaesthetic before to beginning the treatment.

Additionally, one can receive intravenous sedation, general anaesthesia, or local anaesthetic. Based on the patient’s medical state, the doctor can select one of these choices.

Step 2: Making the Incisions and Performing

  • Making the incisions comes next once the anaesthetic has been provided. These incisions are discretely made and very small.

  • Through the incisions, a thin, hollow tube called as a cannula is inserted and manipulated to free the additional fat.

  • This back-and-forth movement is highly deliberate and controlled.

  • Through the use of a surgical vacuum or a syringe, the displaced fat is removed from the body.

  • It should be noted that a syringe is immediately connected to the cannula in the case of a syringe. Liposuction can target an individual’s problem regions in this way.


    Step 3: Observing the Results

      • One can have some edoema and fluid retention following the operation.

      • This is typical and will go away by itself in a few days. The individual’s bodily contours will be visible once the swelling has subsided.

      • It should be mentioned that the person should cover the treatment regions with elastic bandages or a compression garment throughout the recuperation time.

      • This would guarantee that your liposuction procedure yields the greatest outcomes possible.

      • Additionally, the compression would aid in reducing the swelling.

      • A medical professional might also recommend inserting tiny, temporary drains under a few incisions.

      • The body would be drained of any surplus blood or fluids as a result.

      • A patient should schedule follow-up appointments with the plastic surgeon in advance as well.

      • These discussions will enable doctors to assess if a patient is recovering from surgery properly.

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